Spiritual Gifts

Around 2002 or 2003 I was having some questions. I actually don't even remember what my issue was but I do remember a couple of conversations I had with a man who I had grown to love as a good friend. His name is Bob Quinn and during this time he was serving in the … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts



Over the last 7 years or so I've done a lot of talking about freinds and being a friend. And I always felt I was falling short in some way. As if I couldn't really say what I meant because I didn't have words that described what I actually meant. Most of this conversation was … Continue reading Friends


We lost my dad this past weekend. That's a funny way to start writing something where the titel is "Grateful". But here's the thing, when I took a minute to think about how things went I am grateful and I can see God in a lot of parts. My dad, Malcolm Shearer had cancer. He … Continue reading Grateful

The Sifting

I've been thinking about sifting and what it means. Until recently I had thought it was removing the undesirable parts (aka people) from the church. So I was looking at the people who I thought weren't choosing the correct things or weren't living the way God would want them to live. Basicly I was being … Continue reading The Sifting