I’m in the midst of reading, studying and marking all of the scriptures from the topical guide that have to do with Jesus Christ.  I’m doing this because of a challenge given by President Russell M Nelson in 2017.

Today I was working on the passages that have to do with Him as creator of all things and I had a small little thought.

As a mother, I know my children.  they range in age form 32 all the way down to 14. They came from my body. I know their bodies. I have listened to them and talked to them and approved and disapproved of their choices for ever. I know them because they are mine. I know their hearts, their goodness, their struggles. Sometimes I know the decisions they will make before I even ask them to make the decision. You might even say I know the end from the beginning.

Often before when I’ve read the scriptures I’ve wondered why God tells us over and over and over that he created the world and everything in it. We know. We got it! Well, evidently I didn’t get it.

Liken the scriptures unto yourself – 1 Nephi 19:23 Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out in what way a certain scripture or passage applies to me personally.  Well, today I got a new inkling.

If I, as the creator of children, know them so intimately even as an imperfect parent with a mortal brain, then how much better would Christ know me, my circumstances and all that is happening around me. He is a perfect being with all that entails.

And if I, as a parent, am willing to listen with patience and understanding an encouragement to the sadness, concerns and worries of my children even though I already know them, then how much more is Christ willing to listen and comfort me in my distress because he has known me since the beginning. Since I was a spirit child of God. He knew me before my parents even thought of knowing me.

These thoughts this morning, though small have increased my understanding of Jesus and how He feels about me. He loves and knows me and my hesitation to pour out my heart to Him is probably as hard on Him as it is for me when my children are hesitant to come to me with their worries and cares.

Today is a new day to begin to improve my prayers.


One thought on “Creation

  1. bethy40 says:

    Okay, crying now! That was perhaps small but certainly a powerful inkling. My little boy asked me the other day how I knew what he was going to do before he did it. He was very impressed and a little freaked out that I anticipated him (not that I always can.) But you are right, it just comes with time and attention. And of course Heavenly Father can tell me what my son needs long before either of us has any idea.

    It really boggles my mind to think about how long we spent with our heavenly parents before coming to earth. Imagine how they must know and feel for us!


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