Why Do You Go To Church?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question recently. I mean not why you are going but why am I going.

Is it fear of God and what I think will happen after I die? Is it because I think my service and attendance will get me something or somewhere eventually? Is it because I want to fill my Sunday with some kind of activity? Just becaue of obedience?

None of those are the full answer.

Let me tell you, sometimes I feel like staying home on Sunday would be much easier. No pressure or feeling of failing. No worries that I’m not doing my part well enough. I could spend that extra time with my darling who doesn’t go to church with me. Sometimes it feels like there are lots of benefits to staying home.

I often feel lonely at church…although I often feel lonely at home too so staying home on Sunday won’t solve anything.

But then I think about what I get from church most weeks. A feeling of peace. A feeling of strength. I get those things when I take the sacrament and really think about the sacrament prayers and what they mean to me. I also get those things when I listen to other people’s insights and comments on the scriptures.

It’s funny, when none of us were allowed to attend church, I longed for attending in person. Now that we are back in person I feel a little sad because I want more. Don;t ask me more what because at this point I have no idea. I’m working on figuring it out. I check every week to see when the Detroit Temple will open again for me. I miss the temple and I feel a little jealous of those who have been able to go because they had a friend or relative who was getting their own endowment.

But why am I longing for the temple and why do I want more?

A while ago I was watching Emily Belle Freeman on Instagram and she said something that I felt down deep. She was talking about how she needs people in her life that she can talk to about Jesus and about the scriptures and what they are each learning. I think that might be why I feel lonely at church and at home. I feel like I am missing that. I need to find 2 or three more people who want to share that with me. I do have a friend who lives far away who I talk to but I am hesitant to call her as often as I want to.

Our ward was just combined with a neighboring ward and then we were all moved into a new stake so I am hopeful that I will find someone in the new ward or the new stake who will help me to feel more complete.

Here are 6 reasons we should all be attending church regularly:

Six Ways Going to Church Can Benefit Your Life

There will always be obstacles to attending church. Maybe you work or have sports practice on Sundays, you don’t think church is necessary, or you just want to relax after a stressful week. Whatever obstacles you face, you will be blessed for choosing to follow God’s commandment to worship at church. Here are six reasons why you should go to church:


Worshipping God is a commandment

As one of His Ten Commandments, God commanded that we keep the Sabbath day holy (see Exodus 20:8–11). One of the ways we keep this commandment is to meet together on Sundays to worship God and give Him thanks. We are also strengthened when we are around other believers, see their faith, and hear their experiences and testimonies.


The Sacrament helps us remember Jesus

At church, we partake of the sacrament (or Communion). Jesus commanded, “Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me” (1 Corinthians 11:24). Keeping this commandment weekly at church helps us remember what Jesus has done for us and commit to follow Him.

More about the sacrament


God’s Church relies on you

In the Bible, the Apostle Paul compared the church to a body, with Jesus as the head. He said for a body to work, every member is important and must do its part (see Ephesians 4:16). Participating in church and offering your time and talents will improve and strengthen both you and the people around you.

More about the community


Church services teach and uplift

What we learn at church gives us guidance on how to follow God, improve our spirituality, and live better lives. You can be uplifted by fellow believers and by the opportunity to serve and worship. You can also feel the Holy Spirit who brings “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, [and] faith” (Galatians 5:22).


You gain a sense of belonging

Church is a community where we can socialize and support each other. You can make friends, feel a sense of belonging, and build a support network that you can rely on. The church community helps us to “mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort” (Mosiah 18:9).


God can speak to you

You can find answers at church. Maybe you’re struggling with a specific question or need some direction in your life. Maybe you just need to feel God’s love and know that He is there. As you listen to sermons and study God’s teachings, you will have opportunities to receive insight from God. He wants to communicate with you, and church is a good place to hear His voice in your heart and mind.

Because of those reasons and more I’ll keep going. I have a firm testimony that Jesus is the Christ and I have a desire to serve Him and so I keep going. Enduring to the end.


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