What do I believe?

I have been working with a coach over the last 4 weeks. I have 9 weeks to go I believe. I hired this coach because I have felt a little stuck and overwhelmed in my business and in some parts of my life. I expected that he would help me to set up systems and … Continue reading What do I believe?



These past 5 years have been a huge jump in learning for me. I've learned how better to study scriptures. I've learned how better to seek and receive revelation and inspiration from God. I've learned that God doesn't speak to all of us the same way (I knew that before but it has been impressed … Continue reading Trust


A long time ago, maybe 18 years at this point, I had a conversation with a man who I respect very much. He is a great teacher and because of this he often answers questions with a question of his own and sends you off to ponder and consider. Then he gets together with you … Continue reading Gifts

We Can

Recently through my scripture study I have been noticing more and more the agency that is woven within every part of God's plan. It's a new thing for me. It's not that I didn't know agency existed. From the very first lesson with the missionaries when I was 17 years old I was taught that … Continue reading We Can

Ether 2:25

25 And behold, I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when … Continue reading Ether 2:25

Many Are Called

In the scriptures there is this little sentence repeated several times in different places. Many are called but few are chosen. You know how you read something in the scriptures for a long time, years sometimes, and you just don't get it? The words don't make sense in your brain? And then one day, snap! … Continue reading Many Are Called