God Looks Out for the Shearers

This is the text of the things I said at my dad's funeral on November 23rd. I'm putting it here for safe keeping. God looks out for the Shearers My dad told me that several different times in my life. None of them were connected. When he said it to me the first time I … Continue reading God Looks Out for the Shearers



We lost my dad this past weekend. That's a funny way to start writing something where the titel is "Grateful". But here's the thing, when I took a minute to think about how things went I am grateful and I can see God in a lot of parts. My dad, Malcolm Shearer had cancer. He … Continue reading Grateful


I'm in the midst of reading, studying and marking all of the scriptures from the topical guide that have to do with Jesus Christ.  I'm doing this because of a challenge given by President Russell M Nelson in 2017. Today I was working on the passages that have to do with Him as creator of … Continue reading Creation